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A Conversation with Billionaire Entrepreneur John Catsimatidis | New Memoir — "How Far do You Want to Go? Lessons from a Common-Sense Billionaire"

March 25th, 2023

Join America's Roundtable radio co-hosts Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy with billionaire entrepreneur John Catsimatidis, owner and CEO of the Red Apple Group. The conversation will highlight John's new book released a few weeks ago titled, "How Far Do You Want to Go? Lessons from a Common-Sense Billionaire."

In his own words, John Catsimatidis will share with our engaged listeners how his instincts and common sense propelled him to massive business success in this detailed account of an incredible rags-to-riches story.

John's dedication to family, faith and country will inspire everyone. John's story focuses on the humbling experiences of a Greek immigrant family coming to America and embracing the American Dream through a strong work ethic and sacrifices. Today, his job creation endeavors through the Red Apple Group employs thousands of our fellow Americans, from New York to Pennsylvania, Florida, and other places.

Our conversation focuses on John's new book — "How Far Do You Want to Go? Lessons from a Common-Sense Billionaire," and the vital issues of the day impacting our fellow-Americans:

— The dynamism of America's immigrant spirit which is creating jobs and fueling economic growth.

— The significance of advancing economic liberty and forging energy independence in America.

— Applying common-sense reforms at the local and national levels that will empower people.

— Why education and strong families are vital for America's future. Our Republic's 250th anniversary in 2026.

— The foundation of faith in America, and the importance of philanthropy in supporting local communities and civil society endeavors.

To get your copy of John's book — "How Far Do You Want to Go? Lessons from a Common-Sense Billionaire"



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Bio: John Catsimatidis

John Catsimatidis came from humble beginnings.

John was born on the Greek Island of Nisyros in 1948 and 6 months later his parents emigrated to New York City in search of a better life. They settled on 135th Street in Harlem and his father found work as a busboy and his mother was a stay-at-home mom.

John is a true son of New York; he was educated in both the parochial and public school systems earning his high school diploma from Brooklyn Tech. John enrolled in New York University to study electrical engineering; going to school during the day and working in a small grocery store on nights and weekends to help his parents pay the bills. During his senior year, with just 8 credits remaining, John dropped out of NYU to work in the grocery business full-time. By his 25th birthday he was already a success with 10 Red Apple Supermarkets scattered along Broadway on Manhattan’s Upper Westside.

. . . and has lived the American Dream

Now, four decades later the Red Apple Group has evolved into a diversified corporation that has holdings in the energy, aviation, retail and real estate sectors and over 8,000 employees, with approximately 2,000 located in New York City. John and his wife Margo Catsimatidis live on Manhattan’s Upper East side and are parents to 2 grown children; Andrea and John Jr.

John is a firm believer in giving back to the community and has been a strong supporter of the Police Athletic League for nearly 30 years.
He serves on the Board of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, the Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund, and over the years served in a variety of volunteer positions in the Greek Orthodox Church. |

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