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Governor Phil Bryant | The Impact of Rising Inflation and the National Debt | National Security Crisis at the U.S. Southern Border | Weakness on the US Foreign Policy Front — Afghanistan, Iran, Russia-Ukraine Crisis and China

February 21st, 2022

Governor Phil Bryant (2012-2020) joins America's Roundtable Radio co-hosts Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy for a conversation to address the growing concerns of skyrocketing inflation and how it is impacting families and small businesses across the country. The discussion will also highlight history's economic lessons of recession and the urgency to curtail government spending and reduce the national debt. The national security crisis at the U.S. southern border with 2 million illegal immigrants crossing over into America during fiscal year 2021, and serious challenges for state goverments across the country.

On the foreign policy front, the Russia-Ukraine crisis is brought to the forefront. The program highlights the importance of advancing principled solutions for America and advancing peace through strength.

Governor Bryant served two terms as Mississippi’s 64th governor from 2012 to January 2020 and served as Mississippi’s lieutenant governor, as state auditor, and as a legislator in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Phil Bryant is a founding member of Bryant Songy Snell Global Partners where he provides strategic advice and counsel and business development services to some of the world’s largest industry leaders. He is a distinguished guest-host of America's Roundtable and serves on the International Leaders Summit's leadership board.

While serving as Mississippi’s chief executive officer, Governor Bryant largely centered his efforts on creating new economic opportunities, among other things. Under Governor Bryant’s leadership Mississippi saw its lowest-ever unemployment rate, its lowest-ever high school dropout rate, its lowest-ever teen pregnancy rate, its highest-ever number of jobs, its highest-ever number of graduating physicians, its highest-ever K-12 reading and math improvement scores, and its highest-ever high school graduation rate.

Governor Bryant’s dedicated focus on economic development yielded more than $8 billion in private sector investment in Mississippi as well as the largest economic project in state history—a landmark agreement with Continental Tire to build a major manufacturing facility in central Mississippi and create more than 2,500 new jobs.

Governor Bryant dovetailed public education reforms with a strong focus on workforce training programs and job creation. His administration worked to improve career-technical training programs and their delivery through Mississippi’s top-rated community and junior college system, pairing program offerings with local workforce opportunities and collaborating with the K-12 system to strengthen high school vocational programs.

He worked closely with the University of Mississippi Medical Center to build a new School of Medicine and to increase the number of graduating physicians each year; to position Mississippi as a national leader in telemedicine services and technology; and to create a state-of-the-art residential facility to care for medically fragile children.

Governor Bryant served as chairman of the Education Commission of the States; chairman of the Southern States Energy Board; chairman of Jobs for America’s Graduates; and chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society of the United States.

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