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America's Roundtable | Fmr. Senior FBI Official Debra LaPrevotte | The Impact of International Corruption and Kleptocracy | EU and NATO Member Croatia Put on FATF's Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing "Grey List" — Part II

August 19th, 2023

Join America's Roundtable radio co-hosts Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy with former Senior FBI Official Debra LaPrevotte, a principled leader fighting international corruption, adversely impacting America and its trusted allies. Debra LaPrevotte is the Senior Investigator for The Sentry. The Sentry is an investigative and policy organization that seeks to disable multinational predatory networks that benefit from violent conflict, repression, and kleptocracy.

Debra LaPrevotte served as a Supervisory Special Agent on the International Corruption Unit at FBI Headquarters. Debra was instrumental in initiating the FBI’s Kleptocracy program and seized more than $1 billion dollars from foreign corrupt officials. Debra retired after 20 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Prior to her FBI career, Debra LaPrevotte worked for the Department of Defense for five years. Debra has an undergraduate degree from George Mason University and a masters degree in Forensic Science from George Washington University.

Key Topics on America's Roundtable Radio:

— The significant impact of international corruption on America and the rest of Western democracies.

— Each year corruption and illicit financial flows cost the global economy US$3.6 trillion.

Croatia, the only European Union member put on international money laundering and terrorism financing "grey list." | Croatia is also a NATO member receiving US aid via the Pentagon, USAID, and US taxpayer funds backing the World Bank's grants and loans to the Balkan nation. | “U.S. military assistance to Croatia has reached nearly a billion dollars in the form of training, equipment, infrastructure construction, and specialized military education, including $140 million in support just this year for the Croatian Armed Forces”
— U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Mark Fleming, US Embassy in Zagreb.

— US aid and the West's assistance versus principled efforts to strengthen the rule of law and reform weak judiciaries in poor countries and aid-dependent post-communist Eastern European nations facing rampant corruption.

— Focusing on principled solutions.

Further reading:
Croatia — The Only EU Member State Put on Money-Laundering and Terrorism Financing ‘Grey List’ by FATF

“Yugoslavia’s tragedy was not foreordained. It was the product of bad, even criminal, political leaders who encouraged ethnic confrontation for personal, political and financial gain. Rather than tackle the concrete problems of governance in post-Tito era, they led their people into war.”
— Richard Holbrooke, US diplomat and author of “To End a War”

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Trillions of dollars derived from corruption are moved around the world every year. Justin Shenkarow sits down with FBI veteran Debra LaPrevotte, who has spent the last 25 years chasing down kleptocrats and corrupt officials all around the world. Debra single-handedly built the FBI’s Kleptocracy division from the ground up - tracking, tracing and seizing over one billion dollars worth of assets. She is one of the world’s leading anti-corruption experts. Debra’s career began at Quantico, the FBI’s prestigious training academy.

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