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Congressman Scott Taylor (2017-2019) | US Leadership in the Middle East | Peace Through Strength | US Economy | Law and Order

September 23rd, 2020

Join America's Roundtable co-hosts Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy for a conversation with Congressman Scott Taylor (2017-2019), former Navy SEAL and the 2020 Republican Candidate for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District.

— The historic event at the White House led by President Trump and his administration — the Abraham Accords signing ceremony for the normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab states of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

— Advancing the principled policy - "Peace through Strength" and bringing home U.S. military forces from the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

— Anti-Semitism and BDS movement (boycott, divest, sanction) against Israel.

— Advancing law and order in America's cities: Strengthening the rule of law - protecting life, liberty and private property.

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