Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem, Israel | Implementation of Trump Administration's "Peace to Prosperity" | Judea and Samaria - Also Known as the West Bank | Responses From the Region

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Chris Mitchell is a CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief based in Jerusalem, Israel. We discuss the implementation of President Trump's Peace Plan - Peace to Prosperity, including the annexation steps and Israeli sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria, also known as The West Bank. We also cover the region's response and potential concerns. The conversation brings to the forefront America's strong ties with Israel based on shared values and principles.

"There are very few Western media leaders in the world who truly understand the dynamics, nuances and major challenges faced within Israel and the real dangers and threats posed by hostile nations in the region," said Natasha Srdoc, co-host, America's Roundtable and co-founder, International Leaders Summit. "Since the mid-1990s, Chris Mitchell has covered the Middle East's events including time spent in war-torn Syria, Iraq and other difficult places in the region. His depth of knowledge about the realities on the ground provide clear insights to all interested in the most strategic part of the world and its impact globally. America's engaged citizens and stakeholders around the world are fortunate to have a principled media leader in the Middle East relaying accurate and dependable information."