A Conversation with Cheryl Chumley | America's Persistent Inflation Problem | Pres. Biden's Feud with Longtime U.S. Ally Saudi Arabia | WSJ: Thousands of Federal Officials Trade Stock in Companies Their Agencies Oversee


October 16th, 2022

24 mins 41 secs

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Join America's Roundtable Radio co-hosts Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy in a conversation with a distinguished guest, an American patriot and principled leader — Cheryl K. Chumley, online opinion editor for The Washington Times.

This weekend's conversation on America's Roundtable Radio will focus on the persistent high U.S. consumer inflation which accelerated to a new four-decade high in September 2022 (excluding energy and food), and its adverse impact on America's working families and small businesses.

The conversation will also bring to the forefront how more than 2,600 of officials across the government’s executive branch reported owning or trading stocks that stood to rise or fall with decisions their agencies made, as reported by the Wall Street Journal's investigative team.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "More than 2,600 officials at agencies from the Commerce Department to the Treasury Department, during both Republican and Democratic administrations, disclosed stock investments in companies while those same companies were lobbying their agencies for favorable policies. That amounts to more than one in five senior federal employees across 50 federal agencies reviewed by the Journal."

In light of the decision made by OPEC+ to cut production of oil by 2 million barrels a day based on the market and concerns of a global recession, the Biden Administration along with Democrat leaders in the House and Senate are now discussing legislation that would temporarily halt U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia, thus punishing a strategic ally of America on the economic and security fronts. The program will cover the on-going US-Iran talks on a revised nuclear deal and the reaction from Israel and America's allies from the Gulf States.

Bio | Cheryl K. Chumley, Online Opinion Editor, The Washington Times

Cheryl is the online opinion editor and host of “Bold and Blunt” podcast for The Washington Times, a best-selling author and a frequent media guest for national television and radio.

In addition to writing daily commentaries on politics, Cheryl hosts a twice-weekly podcast that looks at news, politics and culture from a Christian, conservative perspective. It’s called “Bold and Blunt,” it’s available on Spotify, Apple, other podcast hosting sites — and at The Washington Times by clicking here.

She’s worked for years in newspaper journalism – winning numerous investigative and hard news awards in the process, particularly for her use of the Freedom of Information Act and Sunshine Laws to hold government officials accountable – and in radio newsrooms as a host, producer and writer.

She's an Army veteran who currently lives in Northern Virginia.

Cheryl Chumley's recent best-selling books include "Socialists Don't Sleep" and "Lockdown."

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