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America's Roundtable with Bill Yeargin, CEO, Correct Craft and Author of "Faith Leap" | Advancing The Abraham Accords

June 5th, 2024

Join America's Roundtable radio co-hosts Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy with Bill Yeargin, president and CEO of Correct Craft — a respected leader in the marine industry.

On America's Roundtable, Bill Yeargin shares about his experiences in the business arena and the principles which guided him and his company through a major transformation from $40 million in sales in 2009 to over $1 billion annually. Bill Yeargin leads a company of over 2000 employees with distributors in 70 countries. Correct Craft had a 99-year history as a premier boat manufacturer but was teetering on the edge of survival when he took the reins in the early 2000s.

During this conversation Bill Yeargin highlights his journey to the Middle East and the significance of the Abraham Accords and people-to-people relations through trade and investment to advance peace and prosperity.

He has authored a number of books including the bestseller, “Education of a CEO” and the recently released “Faith Leap” - now available on Amazon. A passionate lifelong learner, Bill Yeargin has earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA. He has also completed post-graduate studies at Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and MIT. Bill Yeargin served both the Obama and Trump administrations on cabinet-level advisory councils.

He is the Chairperson of The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the nation’s leading trade association representing boat, marine engine and accessory manufacturers. Collectively, the association’s members manufacture an estimated 80 percent of marine products used in North America.

“By the time I arrived at Correct Craft, the fighting within the company’s ownership family combined with a revolving door of CEOs, had created a culture that was, I think it’s fair to say, toxic,” says Yeargin. “Today, nearly 20 years later, Correct Craft has grown dramatically, exceeding our goal of over $1 billion in annual revenue. When people ask about the secret sauce that both turned Correct Craft around and fueled our tremendous growth, I share that it is primarily two things: our strategic planning process and our culture.”

He has been recognized with many of the marine industry’s top awards including Boating Industry's “Mover and Shaker of the Year.” Florida Trend magazine called him one of “Florida’s Most Influential Business Leaders” and he is an Orlando Business Journal “CEO of the Year.” He was also presented the “Governor’s Business Ambassador Medal” by the Governor of Florida.

The Boating Industry | Correct Craft’s World War II Miracle
General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Urgent Request

"Most of us in the industry know about the great work boat builders did during World War II to supply the military with vessels. It’s worth remembering, though, during this Memorial Day week. I was reminded of it once again as we finished up our anniversary issue, which went to print this week.

The folks at Correct Craft/Nautique Boat Company shared some of their photos and information from that era, including the “Miracle Production.” That was when the company, then known as Pine Castle Boat and Construction Company, built 400 boats in 15 days in 1945 to aid the war effort – all without working Sundays. I’m sure the story is familiar to many of you, but worth sharing again.

You can read the full story in the words of Ralph C. Meloon Sr. here, but these are some of the highlights: On February 9, 1945, the government contacted the company and asked them how many boats they could make by February 28.

Simply put, the military needed boats and they needed them fast. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was requesting 569 boats to help move troops and supplies across the Rhine as the allies made their final push into Germany. Although only scheduled to make 48 boats that month, the company agreed to produce 300.

Despite pressure from the government to work seven days a week, the company kept to its long-held belief not to work on Sunday."

Read the full article here.

"Faith Leap" authored by Bill Yeargin is now available through Amazon. |

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